Dear All Concerned,

Well, I have seen many ideas for clans and have never started one, so, I decided on this:

The Here and Now Clan!

The basic idea of this clan is to discuss everything that is going on here and now in the world. This can range from the latest youtube video to the war, an apple juice crisis or a nuclear plant meltdown. I hope you get the idea.

Rules (I like to call them guidelines actually):

1.Once a topic is stated we can discuss it until a new/more interesting topic is introduced.

2.All forum rules must be followed here, but basically, not flaming and just be polite to people. No views are wrong or right, just different.

No one is really the head honcho or anything, just everyone is equal on a plain of discussion.

I realize that this clan does not need a lot of explaining, so on with the clan!

yourtimehascome recommends finding someone with more rep/experience to ask questions, but if you need any help, my PM button is your friend.