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    2k Tzeentch/Khorne

    Well, well, well!

    Daemons are here, and I have some, yay!

    So, here is my second stab at a list (after designing one somewhat to destroy a particulaly annoying Vampire Counts army, or magic-heavy lists in general), and I think it's much more balanced.
    Anyone think I've done anything completely insane?

    Lord of Change; Level 3, Power Vortex, Tzeentch's Will

    Herald of Tzeentch; Power Vortex

    Herald of Khorne; Firestorm Blade, Armour of Khorne, riding a Juggernaut

    The Blue Scribes

    19 Horrors; Standard, Icon of Sorcery

    14 Bloodletters; Full Command, Icon of Endless War

    12 Bloodletters; Full Command

    5 Flesh Hounds

    4 Flamers inc. Pyromancer

    Total: 1998pts

    So, the HoK joins the 14 strong Bloodletter unit (to give me 3 ranks of 6), the HoT joins the Horrors, the Blue Scribes and the LoC hang around behind-ish the main battle-line until they need to be elsewhere, the Flamers guard the Horrors' flank, and the Flesh Hounds either guard the Bloodletters (as a more defensive measure), or run off round the side of the enemy army, trying to get some rather horrible flank charges off...



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    Shrubs for the Blood God Undead Bonzi's Avatar
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    Maybe shave both of the Bloodletter units down to 10 and use the points to get some Furies for march blocking. The extra turn of magic/shooting that the furies can buy you will be of greater effect than the 6 bloodletters. I would almost tell you to drop the unit of flesh hounds as well and just get another unit of flamers. That would give your list a greater symmetry and would focus your list towards magic and shooting with the squads of 10 letters steping in as guard units. In such a list I would think at least two min units of furies for march blocking would be a must.

    On a side note I haven't looked at the Tzeentch GD that closely so I'm probably wrong but doesn't it automatically come as a lvl 4 wizard? I know Nurgle and Slaanesh start at lvl 2 and upgrade but I thought Tzeentch was already lvl 4. I would consider Master of Sorcery on your Tzeentch Herald, you need to know all the spells more than you need that extra PD in your pool.
    The only honorable options left to we combatants is seppuku or semantics...which amount to the same thing really.
    -Undead Bonzi

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