2,000-Point "Control:" Khorne, Slaanesh, and Tzeentch - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2,000-Point "Control:" Khorne, Slaanesh, and Tzeentch

    Korran Brass Reaper, Herald of Khorne - General
    + Firestorm Blade
    + Armour of Khorne
    + Juggernaut of Khorne
    o 190

    Ssylaria, Herald of Slaanesh – Battle Standard Bearer
    + Siren Song
    + Level 1 Wizard
    + Great Icon of Despair
    o 265

    The Seeker, Herald of Tzeentch
    + Master of Sorcery
    + Spell Breaker
    + Disc of Tzeentch
    o 185

    The Masque
    o 90

    15 Bloodletters
    + Bloodreaper
    + Standard Bearer
    + Musician
    o 210

    14 Daemonettes
    + Alluress
    + Standard Bearer
    + Musician
    o 198

    26 Horrors
    + Standard Bearer
    + Banner of Change
    + Changeling
    + Musician
    o 415

    6 Furies
    o 72

    5 Furies
    o 60

    5 Flesh Hounds
    o 175

    2 Bloodcrushers
    o 140

    Total: 2,000
    Power Dice: 8
    Dispel Dice: 6
    Spell Breaker: 1

    Essentially, the main goals of this list are deception, maneuverability, flexibility, and control. The main core of Horrors will serve as a kind of forward bait, mostly serving to attract as much attention as possible by accompanying the Herald in putting as many magic missiles into the enemy as possible. The Daemonette unit, accompanied by the Herald, will sprint around on the near flank, either closing the trap on any unit that tries to go after the Horrors or serving as secondary bait themselves by using the Siren Song and her spell to divert faster, weaker troops from my center. The Bloodletters will do the same, but I'll be a little bit more careful with them in favor of hopefully pitting them against harder, slightly more elite troops than what my Daemonettes can handle after ideally softening them up and goading them into a charge with a Tzeentch volley.

    The Furies will fly interception and disruption, or hunt down enemy support troops, while the Flesh Hounds and Bloodcrushers with Herald simply do their business and tear apart anything that takes the bait of my center line.

    When life gives you lemons,

    Blood for the Blood God!

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    Somehow, using a unit that relies on it's numbers for it's magic level as a baiting unit just seems like a bad idea. What if the enemy can outshoot too? All it needs to do is aim it's gun's on the horrors and the strategy falls apart. Only need one kill to take away one magic missile. What if they charge with an unbreakable unit, which your likely to see since they know your entire army causes fear? Hell, what if they have good magic defense, and you can't even force thier hand into the ambush.

    Worst of all, what if your playing dwarfs, and all of these happen at the same time.

    All these can be fixed as far as I'm concerned if you trade the horrors for plaguebearers. Give them a herald with slime trail and magic level one, and now you have a unit that will do the job. A unit that large of daemons is going to need double 1's to be rolled. Something that big cannot be ignored in a damons army, and now they have to go through T4, +5 ward save, and regeneration to try and thin it down before it gets to them. If they don't take it out before it hits the line, the unit it hits won't likely survive. If they take the bait, they won't be able to kill it to survive the flank charges....if they kill enough to survive the first round with the plaguebearers. Even if something goes horribly wrong for you and your big anvil unit get flanked, slime trail will make you able to bear it long enough to flank charge that unit.

    Hell, the unit can do that much before you even give it one of it's special banners.....and will become even moreattention worthy is you make the herald of nurgle your BSB.

    In a nut shell, you have a great plan, but I really think your using the wrong daemons for the job. The horrors are too circumstantial to rely on, and that make them a risk worth ingoring in favor for the units in your amry that will carry the day no matter what bait you use. Plaguebearers on the other hand are far more a certain threat and require far more attention to deal with.

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