The plague Unleashed 2000pt Nurgle Army - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    The plague Unleashed 2000pt Nurgle Army

    I was wounding what the great warhammer gaming community thought of my 2000pt Nurgle army (And its a nurgle army so i will not except any comments like "ooooo you should add a unit of bloodcrushers" or the Skulltaker would be nice in this force" i will except furies as a nurgle unit as all 4 gods have excess to them in the name of fluff) P.S i made this up in my head 5 minutes ago so the maths might not fit.


    Herald of Nurgle 290
    Banner Bearer
    Great Standard of Sundering
    LV1 Wizard
    Pestilent Mucus
    Noxious Vapours

    Herald of Nurgle 215
    Lv1 Wizard
    Staff of Nurgle

    Plague Bearerx30 415
    Full command
    Icon of Eternal Virulence

    Plague Bearerx18 295
    Full command
    Standard of Seeping Decay

    Plague Bearerx15 229
    Champion and Standard bearer
    Standard of Seeping Decay



    Beast of Nurgle

    Beast of Nurgle

    There we are 2000pts of plague. And anyone who mentions the servent of the emperor chaos things will have the full force of nurgles raged turned on him/her.

    The Emperor Protects for now

    Please don't put the points costs of units with no upgrades in future. - GN out

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    Pretty solid nurgle list. My one big hangup is on the unit of 30 Plaugebearers. That just seems like a lot of overkill to me. I would think it would be better to drop that unit down to 20 and either use the points to buff the other two blocks up to 20 as well or to invest in more beasts/nurglings.

    Also in a Epidemius it would be better to have all your units with Icons of Virulence as once your poision starts going off on +4 you are really going to rack up the combat resolution. With Tallyman and Icon of Virulence your unit of plaugbearers could crumble blocks of 25 skeletons in one turn without even flanking them.

    I like Furies and they could help your list but I really don't think you have the spare points for them, + with epidemius you want every unit in your army to be nurgle with poisoned attacks.
    The only honorable options left to we combatants is seppuku or semantics...which amount to the same thing really.
    -Undead Bonzi

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