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    2000 Nurgle Magic

    Hi all, here's my first go at a Nurgle list. I've had a really hard time coming up with lists for the Daemons for some reason... I guess every unit is so expensive you have to really use them all together so it's hard to find that right mix. This list is primarily going to be played against Dark Elves and possibly Empire if that makes any difference. So here we go:

    Great Unclean One (645)
    Nurgling Infestation
    Noxious Vapors
    - This will give me my core of my magic phase. I figure all the toughness check spells will be quite good against both humans and elves. The Nurgling Infestation is something I've wanted to try out, I figure by the time I get into combat I could have created 90-120 points of Nurglings. Think I'd be better off though with another gift?

    The Blue Scribes (81)
    - These guys intrigue me as well. Seems like they would be great to pull Dispel Dice out. If you pick something like the lore of Fire where the average casting is +8 it would pull out 3 dispel dice probably... the alternative is I could take a Herald of Tzeench which is more expensive...

    Herald of Nurgle (275)
    Magic Level One
    Noxious Vapors
    Slime Trail
    - This guy is going to go with my unit of plaguebearers and be my core infantry

    Plaguebearers x16 Std, Mu (210)
    - do I need a champion in this unit?

    Pink Horrors x10 (120)
    Pink Horrors x10 (120)

    Chaos Furries x5 (60)
    Chaos Furries x5 (60)
    - Will screen my Fiends of Slaanesh and hunt War Machines

    Flesh Hounds x5 (175)
    - Help control flanks

    Nurglings x3 (90)
    - go with Great Unclean One and will grow

    Fiends of Slaanesh x3 (165)

    Aight, I think that is it. My plan would be to march my infantry and Great Unclean One up till they are within magic range then stop and blast him with magic until he finally closes. With Noxious Vapors I might even wait and just let him charge me. Ant thoughts or ideas?

    Thanks again,

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    I quite like the list. A few suggestions though:

    1wap nurgling infestation for trappings of nurgle, I find it's invaluable on a GUO
    2:Beef up the PB unit a bit, and the champion would be quite useful for accepting challenges that you don't want your HoN to accept.
    3:If you can find the points, make the HoN a BSB.
    4:Lose the nurglings, the few games I have played with them they haven't done anything.

    I'm not very expirienced with nurgle so maybe some other nurgle players can give you better tips.

    And one question, is the GUO a lv 4 wizard?

    Good luck.
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