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    2000pt Balanced, No Greater Daemon

    Hi all, I'm still getting a feel for all of the Daemon units so wanted to make a list that used a good number of them but I obviously don't want to get slaughtered with it either. Would love to have your feedback on it... One of my main concerns is going to be the other players magic phase. With this setup I will have 5 dispel dice but no dispel scrolls... so here we go:

    Herald of Khorne (200) General
    (this guy will join my unit of Bloodcrushers and will be the unit to go after any heavily armored units or monsters. Also thought of switching Etherblade out for Obsidian Armor but didn't think I would have quite as much punch then... another option would be to take Skulltaker)

    Bloodcrushers (2, 190) Std, Champ, Mu

    Herald of Slaanesh (190)
    -Siren Song

    Daemonettes (14, 223) Std, Champ, Mu
    -Banner of Ectasy

    Herald of Nurgle (250)
    -Noxious Vapors
    -Slime Trail

    Plaguebearers (16, 241) Std, Champ
    -Icon of Eternal Virulence
    (Is this Banner any good or should I just save the points?)

    Chaos Furies (6, 72)
    Chaos Furies (6, 72)
    (Will screen Bloodcrushers and Flamers as well as hunt warmachines.)

    Flamers of Tzeench (5, 175)

    Pink Horrors (10, 120)

    Flesh Hounds (5, 175)

    Masque of Slaanesh (90)
    (Not really sure how she will fit in but seems like such a great character is hard to pass up...)

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    Fist a bit of advice on posting an army list. If you list each unit type in order like Lords, Heroes, Core, Special, Rares then it is much easier to understand your army and check for army organization requirements. It also makes it easier for us to see where the weight of your points are spend (e.g. Heroes, Core, ect ect)

    #1. Your army is a bit of a mishmash. You might have too much 'Undivided' love going on here. Each unit with a Herald is strong and good on its own, but it doesnt feel like your army as a whole is ment to work together very well. Focusing on the intention of each section of troops might be good (e.g I want my Core to be anvils so I took plaugebearers and I wanted some fast puch too to support the anvil so I took two squads of small Daemonettes ect ect)

    #2. Your Herald of Khorn is not optimal. For 10 points less that the Etherblade you can give him (armour of khorn, Firestorm Blade) for a +0 armour save and St 7 which will give a -4 armour modifier anyway. Etherblade is not an ideal weapon for a Herald that already has such high Str attacks.

    #3. Invest five more points in your Herald of Slaanesh and give her a Torment Blade. It gives her an extra attack and offers a measure of protection from multiwound enemies.

    #4. Don't do full comand on your Crushers. It's too expensive for too little gain. At most have a magic standard and a musician, at minimum just have a musician.

    #5. Get musicians for all your combat units. Drop the champs for points if you have to.

    #6. The Masque is a good character but she doesn't really have a big roll in your army, she finds her greatest use in mono-slaanesh mindf#%$ lists where reducing leadership is key. To my mind you would be better served by spreading the 90 points elsewhere.
    The only honorable options left to we combatants is seppuku or semantics...which amount to the same thing really.
    -Undead Bonzi

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