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    2250 Daemonage (first list attempt)

    I have always played empire, so I recently decided to try my hand at daemons when the new book came out. I mad eup this list because it is balanced, fun, and represents all 4 gods. I like that it has strong magic, combat skillz, deviousness (nurgle herald with noxious vapors and miasma of pestilence spell riding palanquin to increase frontage and attacks to dominate the front rank of the enemy), and speed. I spent alot of points on my 2 characters; this is partly to get my army on the table faster and partly because they are going to be a lot of fun (I am also considerring Kairos, but I like that the LoC has serious combat punch too). So here's the list:


    Lord of Change, Twin Heads, Level 4

    Herald of Nurgle, Level 1, Battle Standard Bearer with Banner of Hellfire, riding Palanquin, with Noxious Vapors and Slime Trail. (goes with plaguebearers, obviously).


    20 Plaguebearers, Standard Bearer with Icon of Eternal Virulence (ranked either 7 or 8 across).

    12 Bloodletters, Champion, Standard Bearer

    10 Horrors, Standard Bearer, Banner of Change


    5 Flesh Hounds

    5 Seekers, Standard Bearer with Siren Standard


    3 Flamers

    3 Bloodcrushers, Standard Bearer

    8 PD plus 2 bound spells, 6 DD

    Let me know what you guys think. This is not necessarily going to be a competitive type army. I just want to have fun but not lose all the time. Anything I am definitely missing? Should change? etc. I would like a unit of 5 Furies, but am unsure where to unlock the points from. Thanks.

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    For one thing, get rid of the banner of change. The horrors are slow, and if they do get into combat--which they shouldn't--they won't be the ones charging usually, so the banner of change won't be very useful. Just having a standard bearer in that unit isn't going to be worth it if you keep the protected. Overall it looks like a nice list, although the siren standard on the seekers isn't going to do you much good unless you have a herald of slaanesh in the unit. They will get torn up by most things if they don't strike first. Maybe with those points you could get a unit of furies? Those bloodcrushers have me a bit worried, though. If you really want them to seen combat fast, give them the Icon of endless war. It will give them at least a 15" charge range and maybe up to a 20" if you're lucky. You need to get them into combat quickly, and on the charge if you expect them to do anything I do love bloodcrushers though. The models are simply amazing.
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