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Thread: 2000 mix

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    2000 mix

    Immortal fury, Spellbreaker, armour of khourne, collar of khourne

    Herald of Nurgle
    Noxious vapors, slime trail

    Herald of tzeentch

    Herald of slaanesh

    15 plaguebearers
    stand and champ

    15 daemonettes
    Stand and champ

    15 horrors

    3 Flamers

    2 Beasts of Nurgle

    5 Flesh Hounds

    How would this army do against high leves? or Vampire counts as well as your overall comments.

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    You've got a bit of disjointed 'undivided' love going on here.

    #1. Shave your Horrors to 10 or boost them to 30. Right now you've got 5 more than you need for a Herald bunker + DD dice.

    #2. It looks like on the whole you are not taking the Herald of Tzeentch and Horrors for offensive magic, it seems more like your shooting for defense in which case you could drop both the Herald and the Horrors and upgrade your Nurgle and Slaanesh to lvl 1 wizards for the same amount of DD at a far cheaper cost. Replace the missing Horrors with a bare MSU unit of Daemonettes for flanking.

    #2.2 If you are actually intending to be offensively oriented with your magic your Horrors need to be boosted in size and your Herald would realy bennefit from Master of Sorcery/Wings, Master of Sorcery/Spell Breaker or Power Vortex/Wings.

    #3. Your Herald of Slaanesh could really do with some love. Torment Blade is cheap and would give her an extra attack plus a little defensive bonus in challenges. Siren Song is also worth considering.

    #4. PB's should really be in units of 19-20. They need as much static combat rez as they can get.

    #5. I find 4-6 flamers is the ideal size. 4 can protect your flank pretty well and 5-6 can be used in a very offensive manner, 3 is a tad too small for either roll.

    #6. Not a huge fan of Beasts of Nurgle. Personally would trade them out for 3 Fiends and the extra flamers I mentioned in point #5 but I also understand that Beasts work for some people so thats sort of an iffy thing.
    The only honorable options left to we combatants is seppuku or semantics...which amount to the same thing really.
    -Undead Bonzi

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