Here's what I have right now..
herald tzeentch fly,mos
herald nurgle,l1,palaquin,noxious vapours,slime
16 plaguebearers w/ full command, decay
10 bloodletters x 2
5 flesh hounds
6 flamers
now i have about 262 left and here are some sets i came up with...
1. Hellfire banner w/ 4 flamers -musician from plague unit
2. banner sundering w/ 5 furies, 3 flamers and 1 extra guy
3. hellfire banner w/ 2 fiends and 2 extra guys
4. 2 fiends , sundering,6 furies
5. 3 fiends, banner sundering

basically split on flamers or fiends and sundering or hellfire. I will be facing brets, 2-3 chaos players, WE player, ogres and some others. Suggestions welcome! thanks!