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    2250 non-magic army

    I want to make this my "fun" list when not playing in tournaments:

    1 BT w/ FB, SB,IF,AK
    1 Nurgle herald w/palaquin,noxious,slime,BSB sundering
    1 tzeentch herald w/ 2 SB

    12 horrors
    20 plaguebearers w/ FC decay
    20 bloodletters with FC skull totem

    3 fiends
    5 x 2 hounds

    I might include flamers instead of fiends or a pack of hounds but I am playing Wood elves friday and i promised not to bring them to the battle. Is this list tourny worth or just a regular "fun" list? I know i will miss the magic but i have a little bit more punch with BT and the hounds...

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    You will need to up your magic defence somehow as you cannot take 2 spellbreaker gifts (each gift is only allowed once per daemon). The sundering standard is a good start, but the tzeentch herald seems like a bit of a waste as they're usually only used as magic support for a larger magic attack. Buying one as a scroll caddy doesn't seem worth it.

    The bloodthirster's gifts are ok, but obsidian armour is usually better as there are many magic weapons out there that will cause d6 wounds, or allow no armour (making AoK useless) etc, so obsidian is better for character hunting. If you're not planning on taking on characters with your BT, your set-up is fine.

    I'd consider lowering the size of the bloodletter unit and possibly getting a herald on jugger for them. If they get charged and a couple of them go down you're only looking at 2-3 attacks back, which won't be winning them a combat. Letters without a herald are best served as a support unit (to flank those units that charge your PB unit). In place of the letters i'd take furies to war machine hunt, with no magic to take them out, you'll be in trouble (and the flesh hounds and fiends should be doing more damage to the rest of the army).

    I would say this army is best used in a 'fun' setting. Most people will moan about the BT (as he's very powerful), but you really lack in the magic phase and playing against a magic heavy daemon or VC army will be a problem for this style of army. It's a decent and fairly strong army, but there's a few things you could change to make it dangerous at tournies.

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