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    all god#1, 2000pts

    Hi new forum member, looking for just the right way to start daemons of chaos and im looking for feedback on my army list/s.
    a rating out of ten for the army would be could too so that i can better compare it to other army lists


    herald of tzeentch
    -master of sorcery, -flames of tzeentch, -disc of tzeentch

    herald of tzeentch
    -master of sorcery, -flames of tzeentch, -disc of tzeentch

    herald of slaneesh
    -steed of slaneesh, siren song

    15 bloodletters
    -full command

    15 plaguebearers
    -full command

    15 plaguebearers
    -full command

    6 seekers (with herald of slaneesh)
    -standard, siren standard

    2 bloodcrushers (with skulltaker)

    5 flamers

    5 furies

    5 furies

    This army works twofold to disrupte enemy shooting and alone wizards, and soften enemy units berfore hitting them with the almighty hammers.
    turn 1 the army would typically move the seekers up to point blakn range with the eney gunline while the heralds of tzeentch would mve up out of charge range to disrupte enemy gunlines or artillery, the furies would tag along sorounding the heralds and acting as a "meat sheild" to enemy charges, the flamers would begin softenning enemy forces while moving towrads the flanks and the rest of the army would be getting into position.
    then in the opponents turn the seekers would force the gunline to charge or flee
    turn 2 seekers would either mop up fleeing units or move in to destroy artillery or flank charge, furies would spring in to destroy whats left of artillery and hot's would fly around the back of enemy units blasting them with magic, blood crushers would most likely charge as well as bloodlettesr(they would hopefully work together, and the plague bearers would be moving to hold up units
    turn 3 everything wouold collapse onto the enemy core, and skulltaker would be looking specifically to destroy enemy heroes


    6pd, 4dd

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