2000 - Mixed God List - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2000 - Mixed God List

    Keeper of Secrets (560 pts)
    - General
    - Level 2 Magic
    - Allure of Slaanesh
    - Temptator (We play against an ogre army who ALWAYS takes the d3 wounds weapon and ward save trinket. So taking his 15 possible Str 7 wounds and dumping them on his own unit is how I've dealt with it so far.)

    Herald of Nurgle (250 pts)
    - Slime Trail
    - Noxious Vapors
    - Palaquin

    16x Plaguebearers (247 pts)
    - Standard of Seeping Decay (reroll)
    - Full cmd

    Herald of Slaaesh (245 pts)
    - Great Icon of Despair
    - Torment Blade
    14x Daemonettes (198 pts)
    - Full cmd

    10x Horrors (for that extra die and spell)

    5x Flesh Hounds

    8x Furies
    (war machine hunting)

    3x Flamers
    (Just 'cause)

    I think i'm kind of getting into the mindset of "ooo, I like them all, I'll take 1 of each." So far I've done rather well with this list (2 wins - once vs the ogres and 1 vs VC (but that was because he blew up 2 vampires in turn 1 with magic) one loss - Dwarven gunline)

    I've been trying to squeeze the blue scribes in here, but already have enough points on characters I think. Those GD's are just expensive.

    I've been working on a BT model (the model I have is about the size of an old daemon prince so need to do some fancy base work) that I may try out for a couple games.

    I got a treewoman from ultraforge miniatures which looks AWESOME and I always liked slaanesh (well fluff-wise anyway) so that's why she's my GD right now.

    Just looking for tuning up and advice.
    Thanks in advance.

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