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    Blood, Skulls and Fire!

    I've been fiddling with a list for tournament use. <edit: 2250 points!>

    I wanted to avoid using a GD, and not use any of the more contentious abilities (eg Siren Song). I wanted a list that would do well in all the phases of the game...maneuverable, shooty, good melee, and dominating both sides magic. I've had decent success with this list, though many have indicated it's too "hard" for friendly games.

    Here's what I've come up with:

    Herald of Tzeentch on Chariot with Master of Sorcery and Spell Breaker

    Herald of Tzeentch on Chariot with Master of Sorcery; BSB with Sundering Banner

    Herald of Khorne on Juggernaut with Armour of Khorne

    Skulltaker on Juggernaut

    2x 18 Horrors

    11 Bloodletters

    5 Furies

    2x 5 Flesh Hounds

    3 Screamers

    6 Flamers

    2 Fiends

    Flying US5 Chariots can dive in to negate ranks, sit behind for crossfire kill, play point-denial while still finding position for target.

    Khorne Herald in the Bloodletters can make three ranks of 5 (this is debatable, but opponents have allowed unanimously). This is enough to go toe-to-toe with ranked units to set up flank charges by any of thhe fast units.

    Skulltaker usually starts in a fleshhound unit to protect from ranged fire, then runs off to hunt characters, or non-ranked units.

    Flesh Hounds are decisive if they charge a flank, and they're fast enough to arrange it.

    The Horror units are big enough to be level 2, and have a few extra to hopefully stay level 2 until turn 2. Level 2 lets them cast flickering fire on their own two dice while leaving the pool dice for te heralds. If they stay level 2, they can throw some Gift of Chaos when the enemy closes. They're big enough that they can take a charge and not completely crumble away, allowing me to countercharge.

    The furies do what they do...march-blocking and war machine crew hunting. Crossfire is nice too.

    Screamers try to beat up skirmishers/fast cavalry and harass anything going for a flank. Nice against regeneration creatures.

    Fiends are blinding fast, two of them gives US6 to break ranks. They're pretty capable of winning a flank against most fast flanking forces (cavalry, skirmishers, etc) then can go after crew, missile troops, or flank/rear charges.

    Flamers use their maneuverability to shoot at high-value enemy units, and I've started using them to bait charges with a flank countercharge set up. They're very survivable and very effective in melee. I LOVE getting them in a building...since they don't break, the enemy can't get them out!

    List has 10 pd and 6 dd...Boon can give more if I use Lore of Tz. Only one scroll, but Sundering banner should keep enemy casting to a minimum (I'm looking at you, Vampires! )

    Any feedback? Thanks!

    Last edited by Malagant; August 5th, 2008 at 19:00. Reason: Include point total!

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    That is a very solid list, to be honest I don't see a whole lot that needs changing.

    I do have a question though, is this a 2K list or 2.5K list? It usually helps if you include the points total in the title of your thread. It is easier to evaluate a list when you know how many points your dealing with.

    As to your list being too 'hard' for friendly play, I just don't see it. It isn't min/maxed in any respect, it is just a solid balanced list, I don't see anything here that reeks of cheese.
    The only honorable options left to we combatants is seppuku or semantics...which amount to the same thing really.
    -Undead Bonzi

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