hi guys with the new gt pack focussing on kill points and the like ive come up with this army to play test(first game on tues vs de)

BT aws str+ imm fury - this guys is to take down anything big and he does it well other wise hides until people engage with the PB blocks then gets stuck in

3 Nurg heralds - pala,nox,slime, 1 with bsb and sund

16 pb, FC std seeping
2*11 pb, fc
the 16 go in the middle with the bsb and the other flank each with herald

2* 6 furies
these are for 2 things either warmachines/ single characters or to do an eldar tactic of hiding all game then flying into table quarter/objective and taking or contesting

10 pts spare not sure what to do with it. its an incredibly small army but only give away 11 kill points and im not likely to be wiped out as i can just hide the furies and play hide and seek.
also pb block sitting in qarters or on objective will be a pain to shift and the thirster is there to get them out of sticky situations.

what do you guys think?