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Thread: 3 God 2k list

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    3 God 2k list

    Well, I dont actually play daemons, though as soon as I finish my current army and somehow manage to get a couple hundred bucks to land in my lap, I plan on starting them up. This is a list that I made last night to see what kind of stuff DoC had to offer. I actually think that its pretty good.

    Lemme know what you think

    Herald of Nurgle (joins PB's to make 6x4)
    Staff of Nurgle
    Level 1 upgrade

    Herald of Tzeentch
    Power Vortex
    Winged Horror

    Herald of Tzeentch
    Master of Sorcery
    Winged Horror

    Herald of Khorne (joins Blood Crushers of course)
    Armor of Khorne
    Bsb: Great Standard of Sundering

    20 Plaguebearers
    Full Command
    Standard of Seeping Decay

    10 Bloodletters

    10 Bloodletters

    5 Flesh Hounds

    4 Screamers

    2 Bloodcrushers

    5 Flamers

    Total: 1997
    Power Dice: 8 + 1 Bound
    Dispel Dice: 5


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