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    2vs2 Daemons & Warriors of Chaos 1500

    Hello there my friends!
    We are going to play an unofficial game with some guys. Me and my friend got Daemons and Warriors of Chaos, and we discussing this a lot of days now... and we dont know what to do...
    We came up with 2 solutions Full Khorne or full Tzeentch.... Well I choose the second one, but I want to know what is your suggestions and what units we should include.

    Note: 750points and 1 Hero each and 1 Rare at total!

    At this rate I was thinking the Bloodcrushers as the first solution or Firespitter as second... Since the Warriors dont got better than mine options....

    What is your thoughts?

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    Full Tzeentch eh?

    Flamers are phenomenal, they provide some serious shooting that Warriors do not have much of at all.

    For your Hero, a Herald of Tzeentch works exceptionally well. I like Master of Sorcery and Winged Horror for a cheap flyer, but it's all good.

    If you want to be really mean, take a big unit of 30 Horrors, put the Herald in there, add a full command, Icon of Sorcery and Changeling and spend any leftover points on 10 more Horrors to fill up Core requirements and Flamers. That's 8 PD! You won't have any friends afterwards, but it's hilarious over the top.

    If you wanted to shift your emphasis, pure Nurgle would work well. If you take Epidemius you benefit from his kills since his models all have the Mark of Nurgle, allowing you to get around a Nurgle Daemon army's biggest weaknesses: speed and actually getting kills.
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