2250 Slaanesh/Tzeentch - Warhammer 40K Fantasy

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    2250 Slaanesh/Tzeentch

    To go with ==My== 40k list, I've come up with a Fantasy list that uses mostly the same models. Should be fun.

    Lord of Change, level 3 w/ Tzeentch's Will and Power Vortex
    Herald of Slaanesh w/ steed, etherblade
    Herald of Tzeentch w/ master of sorcery, winged horror
    Herald of Slaanesh w/ etherblade

    17 Daemonettes, full command, Siren Standard
    12 Daemonettes, standard, Banner of Ecstasy
    10 Horrors
    10 Horrors

    5 Seekers, standard, Siren Standard
    4 Screamers

    6 Flamers
    3 Fiends

    That's 2240, with 10 PD and 7 DD.

    I've got a big block of 'nettes with the Herald for armor killing, anvil 'nettes with Seekers and Fiends ready to flank, Horrors for DD, and Screamers for general annoyance (would probably rather have 2 units of 5 Furies, but I'm not using Furies in 40k so it could be a problem).

    Should I drop 1 Fiend to get 2 units of 3 Screamers or spring for magic for one of the Slaanesh heralds?

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    My thoughts:

    Characters all have a purpose and are well thought it - sweet

    How about combining the Horrors into one unit of 20, and then give them a command? Same power dice, and you get access to the next spell for them - and it works wen they enter combat which great. You will lose a little flickering fire spam, but in their setup they're suck up all the pool dice just to cast it anyway,so not always worth it. In this setup, they become and amazing anvil too with the Herald, and you've got plenty of flankers.

    Keep the Fiends at 3. They rock in this setup, will rarely let you down on any given flank.

    Other than that, considering it's a 40k convert list, looks solid enough

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    Hi I realy like the list. But have you thought of using Keeper of secrets. It a little better in Close combat. And less of his spells are magic Missiles. So as a large target you can still get some spells off. Gives you abit more versality.
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