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    How to build Nurgle lists with GUO

    2200pts list

    Hi guys,
    I was thinking of a most of all nurgle list with some Tzeentch, Khorne or Slaanesh.
    How do you guys mostly deploy the GUO?
    In a plaguebearer unit or just by himself?
    I'm not sure what to give him cause he doesn't have regeneration...
    Well feel free to rip apart the coming list

    Great Unclean One------------655
    -Staff of Nurgle
    -lvl 4
    -Noxious vapours
    -Slime trail
    I don't know if I need to put him in a herald plaguebearer unit or just on his own...

    Herald of Nurgle--------------265
    -Staff of nurgle(not sure)
    -lvl1(not sure)

    Herald of Nurgle--------------`215
    Staff of Nurgle (not sure)
    -lvl 1(not sure)

    All those staffs of nurgle should strenghten my magic fase and make up for a good surprise but maybe they take the place for other good items as noxious vapours or a palanquin... not sure if this is a real problem...

    16 Plaguebearers-----------------229
    -Icon of eternal virulence

    16 Plaguebearers-----------------229
    -Icon of eternal virulence

    10 horrors-------------------------xx

    5 furies----------------------------xx

    5 Fleshounds of Khorne----------xx

    4 flamers--------------------------xx

    2 Fiends of Slaanesh-------------xx

    Do you guys think the 2 units of 16 plaguebearers is needed?
    They are the anvil but the only hammer(s) I've got are the GUO and the fleshhounds.
    Grz W.O.F.

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    GUO is a monster, so he can't join units.

    Give him Trappings for Regen, it's mandatory.

    The GUO's role is simply not dying. Tons of wounds, 4+ armor, 5+ ward, Regen. I like level 4, Trappings and Noxious Vapors. He dishes out the the pain in magic and anybody charging him will get to go last after he swings with S8.

    2 units of PBs is a bit much, 1 is sufficient for a good anvil. Add some Horrors for some DD, Bloodletters/Daemonettes for flanking, and another Herald to help with magic or fighting.
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