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    Advice needed for 1400pts list

    I suddenly got the urge of gathering a small daemon force, since i miss being able to teasingly ask my opponents to 'take a fear test'.. ( I prev. played VC)

    I looked at the book and at some lists in the daemonic legion forum and this is what i've come up with:

    Daemons of Chaos – 1400pts


    Herald of Khorne (190 pts) – Juggernaut, Armour of Khorne, Daemonic Robes
    Herald of Slaanesh (190 pts) – Lvl 1, Daemonic Robes, Allure of Slaanesh


    14 Bloodletters (217 pts) – Blood Reaper, Standard Bearer, Icon of Endless War
    15 Daemonettes (229 pts) – Allures, Standard Bearer, Banner of Ecstasy


    5 Flesh Hounds (175 pts)
    6 Screamers (180 pts)


    6 Flamers (210 pts)

    Total: 1391 pts

    This gives me a little bit of everything; magic, combat, shooting, flying, cavalry

    The HoK will fit in the Bloodletters and give me a frontage of 6 models for maximum effectivness. This will be the main hammer unit followed by the Daemonettes with ASF. Im hoping to make alot of the enemy units stupid with my magic! The +2 attack gift is tempting for the HoS, but i thought she needed some protection with the robes.
    The hounds will go on one side trying to flank something tasty.
    Screamers will take the other flank and hunt down war machines and mages, and slash as much as possible when not charging soft juicy units. The flamers will advance in the center by the two main blocks to take out some ranks of the enemy infantry units.

    Please let me know what to change/how this list would do and what to use the remaining points for.
    Thank you!

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