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    my new 2.000 pts army

    FONT=Times New Roman]hello,[/FONT]

    After my last battle I've made some changes.
    This is what I have now. Please give me your thought about it.


    1 Bloodthirster + Firestorm Blade + Axe of Korne + Immortal Fury + Spell Breaker = 550 Pts.
    1 Herald of Korne + Firestorm Blade + Armour of Korne + Juggernaut = 190 Pts.
    1 Herald of Tzeentch + Spell Breaker + Great Standard of Sundering + Battle Standard Bearer + Chariot of Tzeentch = 275 Pts.

    The BT I use as a shock trooper (what else??) I am thinking of giving him armour of korne but I don't whant to drop any of his combat powers. The spell breaker is a choise but then I only have 1 dispel scroll.
    My H of tzeentch is against enemy magic but I also use him and his chariot for killing war machines/archers e.t.

    Core Units:

    10 Daemonettes = 120 Pts.
    10 Daemonettes = 120 Pts.
    10 Daemonettes = 120 Pts.
    8 Chaos Furies = 96 Pts.
    7 Chaos Furies = 84 Pts.

    the daemonettes are fielded in 2 ranks of 5. These fast infrantry are used to block scary units ore to kill light units .... also I need them as core .
    The furies..... I love them, they start as screens and always end up killing war machines e.t..
    Perhaps dropping a few furies for somthing else. 2 units of 5/6 furies will do almost as great I think.

    Special Units:

    2 Bloodcrushers + Standard Bearer + Icon of Endless War = 185 Pts.
    3 Bloodcrushers + Standard Bearer + Icon of Endless War = 255 Pts.

    I've tried 1 unit of 3 + 1 chracters. It was just to wide. So I decided to cut them into 2 units of 3 (one with the characters).
    These do great and are fast. My shock troops.

    Off-course flamers are a most. But in this list I wanted to try 2 units of chrushers.
    They stay no matter what in this list. I think they are cool .

    Thanks in advance.

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    Lots of smashy goodness, but no anvil units. A big block of PBs or Daemonettes with the Banner of Ecstasy would go a long way here.
    Check out ==My== blog:

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