Daemons of Chaos (2,000pts)


One Herald is Battle Standard Bearer + Great Standard of Sundering

Herald of Tzeentch: Master of Sorcery, Winged Horror [185pts]

Herald of Slaanesh: Lvl1 Wizard (Slaanesh Lore) [165pts]

Herald of Khorne: Armour of Khorne, Juggernaught, HW [165pts]


15 Bloodletters of Khorne: Musician [186pts]

15 Daemonettes: Musician [186pts]

15 Daemonettes: Musician [186pts]

8 Chaos Furies: [96pts]

7 Chaos Furies: [84pts]


6 Flesh Hounds of Khorne [210pts]

9 Seekers of Slaanesh: Musician [222pts]


5 Flamers: [175pts]


I am a very inexperienced a WFB, but want to get more involved. At the moment, the only other Daemonic figures I have are a few winged Deamon Princes, a GUO, a KOS, a LoC, a Bloodthirster, one Fiend of Slaanesh and 8 Horrors. I may be able to buy a little more over the next few months, but could really do with some advice on using this list as a base.

Which Herald should I make my BSB?

As you can see, I have 55pts left, and am looking for advice on what to buy. Obvious choices for me seem to include:

a). Standard Bearer with Banner of Ecstasy +37pts, for the Seekers.
b). Standard Bearer with Icon of Endless War +37pts, for the Bloodletters.
c). A Fiend.
d). Firestorm Blade +25pts for the Khorne Herald
e). Daemonic Robes +25pts for the Slaaneshi Herald

Comment and criticism appreciated as ever.

Lord Ramon