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    1500pts daemons need help!

    Hi im about to buy a new daemon army but i dont want to waste my cash before getting an opinion on it.


    Herald of tzeench-115 power vortex-30

    Herald of tzeench-115 power vortex-30

    Hearld of nurgle-100


    30 horrors-360 icon bearer-12 icon of sorcery-15

    30 horrors-360 icon bearer-12 icon of sorcery-15

    15 plaugebearers-180 full command-30


    5 flesh hounds-125

    Thats just a draft i thought would be cool.i was wondering if i could incorporate a blue scibes into this so if anyone thinks of anyting or sees anything that needs tweaking.

    thankyou olly

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    Hi welcome to the immortal lands
    I see you like a heavy magic force.
    Well the horrors are cool if you can afford 60 them.
    With this list you have 2 lvl 3 and 2 lvl 2 wizards!!!
    12 powerdice with 1500 pts is a lot!!!
    It looks like fun but maybe you could drop a unit of horrors to get some fleshhounds and you want to have your tzeentch heralds with winged horror and master of sorcery.
    Maybe you could use all points you've got left on tooling up the herald of nurgle and another plaguebearer.
    A good all round herald of nurgle setup is:
    Herald of nurgle 185 pts(noxious v and slime trail included)
    if you have the points add noxious vapours and slime trail.
    and IF even now you'd have unspent points just buy another plaguebearer or something.
    Even if you lose a lvl 3 wizard you'd still have enough magic to do a lot of hurtin.
    And if a couple of your fleshhounds die you always have another unit to double flank.
    Have fun,
    grz. W.O.F.

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