Greetings. Upfront here, I know very very little about Fantasy lists. I wanted to build a Daemon army with some of my favorite models and don't wish to roll people, I just want to compete. So, I'm not going to take several units of Flesh Hounds, etc. I'm up for making some changes though and would like some Fantasy players to weigh in...will this get curb stomped?

Immortal Fury
Obsidian Armor

Herald of Nurgle BSB Lvl 1 Wizard
Slime Trail
Noxious Vapors
Standard of Sundering

Herald of Khorne
Armour of Khorne

Herald of Tzeentch

PlagueBearers X 20
Standard of Seeping Decay

Letters x 10

Horrors x 10

Horrors x 10

Flesh Hounds x 5

Crushers x 2

7 PD
6 DD
1 Scroll
Lots of MR

Thought is to Anvil/Deny Flank with the Plague Bearers, flank with Crushers/Thirster/Letters/Flesh Hounds. My concerns;

Enough units at 2150?
Enough DD + MR to weather magic lists?