After forming my Khorne army (the only way to bring a BT to a tourney around here!) I have bunch of Spare Daemons that are Tzeentch and Slaanesh. So, I threw this list together, see what you think:

L - Daemon Prince
Slaanesh, Level 2 Wizard, Flying Horror, Torment Blade, Ether Blade

I know no-one rates them, but I think this guy could work. 6 attacks ignoring armour gives him a use. Plus it would improve comp, etc. I'm also working with the models I have.

H - Herald of Tzeentch
BSB, Daemonic Robes

H - Herald of Slaanesh
Torment Blade, Siren Song

C - 17x Daemonettes
Full Command, Banner of Ecstasy

C - 30x Pink Horrors
Standard, Banner of Sorcery

C - 10x Daemonettes

S - 4x Screamers

S - 6x Seekers
Standard, Muso, Siren Standard

R - 6x Flamers

R - 3x Fiends

TOTAL - 2243

SO, I reckon i have a crack in all phases with this list. It's missing the Furies I love so much though....but any thoughts?