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    2000pt Daemons in need of help!!!

    After recently deciding to try out daemons, I came up with this list. My main opponents are Bretonnia (led by Green Knight...very weak magic army), Dark Elves (very heavy magic army with caster lord), and Lizardmen (another magic heavy army with Slann and Engine of the Gods). I wanted some feedbac on my list, and opinions on how this will fair against my opponents. Well, here it is:


    -axe of khorne
    -obsidian armour
    -immortal fury

    Herald of Khorne
    -armour of khorne
    -standard of great sundering

    Herald of Slaanesh
    -siren song
    -lvl 1 wiz


    17 Daemonnettes
    -banner of ecstacy

    14 Bloodletters

    10 horrors

    5 furies


    5 Fleshounds of Khorne


    4 Flamers of Tzeentch

    2 Fiends of Slaanesh

    total: 2000

    *Im not too afraid of Brettonia with this army; however, im not too sure how it will do against Liz and Elves.....help would be awesome!!!!!!!!*

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    Wow dude...
    This is exactly my list except my BT has AOK and my herald of slaanesh has a torment blade.
    I also have 1 more champion orso
    This list is really competive enough to compete with those gay elves and darkies
    Your gonna have a hard time against magic, but your standard of sundering will help you with that +your BT is gonna eat enemy magic whenever he likes.
    Elves have dragons, heavy magic and lots of shooting, but your BT can do a whole lot and just siren song that stardragon down
    lizzies are annoying especially that Slann with those pesky temple guards.
    snipe down the skink priests or use furies and other units so the slann will lose big parts of his power.
    first kill all important troops with your army then putt everything on the slann
    Your fleshhounds have magic res 3 so I'd just rush them into big guys like expensive saurus cav.
    The list is balanced so you should be able to do a lot of hurting with shooting and fast combat units.

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