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    1825 points Campaign list - need to get some feedback from experinced players

    Hey there guys,

    I am Draag and i am new to demons of Chaos. I generally play Warriors of chaos against demons, but the more i play against them the more i am starting to like them.

    Lately the store where i play has come up with a Campaign system, which is free of charge and the winner gets 50 euros worth of products. That is just what i need to complete my army and so i would really like to win it.

    I decided to go with demons. This is the first time i am playing them and my first list with the new book. I hope i didn't do a huge mess. Please hep me out. Good feedback will be rewarded with rep.

    So here it goes. The rules are that you have to have 1 lord choice in 1750 points and 3 rare choices. Than through a territory system (which you have to choose 3 at the start of the campaign and win one after each game) the army grows and changes.

    I chose to take
    1. a territory which gives me + 75 points,
    2. a territory which gives me an extra wizard choice,
    3. and a territory which makes one of my non cavalry units scouts and skirmish.

    Here is my list:

    Bloodthirster – 545 points
    ·Armor of Khorne
    ·Firestorm Blade
    ·Dark insanity

    Herald of Tzeentch – 160 points
    ·Level 2
    ·Winged Horror
    ·Master of Sorcery

    Herald of Tzeentch – 160 points
    ·Level 2
    ·Winged Horror
    ·Master of Sorcery

    10 x Horrors – 120 pts (plan to make it skirmish and scout)

    10 x Horrors – 120 pts

    10 x Horrors – 120 pts

    6 x Furies – 72 pts

    5x Flesh hounds – 175 pts

    5x Flesh Hounds – 175 pts

    5x Flamers – 175 points

    I will be facing:

    1. DoC
    2. Lizardmen
    3. DE
    4. EMpire
    5. WOC

    Lists are secret so i cant really know. Any help will be greatly apreciated. thank you.

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    Well this is a really hard list following the simple formula of Bloodthirster + Flesh Hounds + Flamers = Upset Opponent. There is not a lot that needs changing if all you care about is winning that prize, the list lacks static CR but the Bloodthirster if wisely used doesn't care about that.

    My only suggestion is to not skirmish and scout the horrors as they operate best when far from enemy units which will beat them in combat. I think it would be wiser to scout the flamers as they will be a big problem for any opponent and will be deadly starting off at a place where they can shoot at half range from turn 1.

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