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Thread: 2000pts list

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    2000pts list

    I have used this list once and won easily against the lizardmen however I think that was most likely to be lucky rolls. Turn 1, Flickering fire of Tzeentch off Kairos took out the stegadon, left the skink priest on 1 wound, and killed the rest of the crew . So here's the list and please tell me what you think:




    master of sorc, spell breaker

    lv1, many armes monstrosity, great icon of despair

    Blue Scribes


    19 Horrors
    icon of sorc

    10 Daemonettes
    banner of ecstacy

    10 Bloodletters
    bloodreaper, skull totem


    5 Flesh Hounds


    3 Flamers

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    i think the bletter unit and the daemonette units are too small too be harbouring banners, its just giving away victory points

    personally i have my tzeentch heralds fitted with wings and not dispel scrolls so they cant get bogged down in combat

    the unit of horrors should preferably be either 10 or 30 but i prefer 10 and so with the points you would get from dropping the horrors you can fill out the flamer unit

    i personally would change the bletters and daemonettes into 10 man horror units and swap the slaanesh herald for another flying tzeentch one(but thats what i would do)

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    Have to agree that as it looks like you will also be dropping your HoS BSB into the unit of 10 daemonettes, which also have a magic banner, there is just to many points sucked into a reletivly uneffective unit.

    For it to work well, i think i would have the unit 14+ stong with the bsb, dropping the Blue Scribes from your list for the masque running near by. This way you can combine the banners effect of -2 Ld with the masques -D3 Ld. then its down to personal choice but i dont realy like many armed monstosity as a power. if you go with the combo i sugested then maybe Alure of Slaanesh will help you taking nast characters out of a combat situation,

    i.e. challenge, model trying to hit you must pass a Ld test but could be anywhere from -3 to -5 modifier. Even Ld models are having to role 5 or under on 2 dice before hitting you. against armies like vampires where the characters seem to to the real damage this could realy help out.

    I like horrors in units of 10-12. Just enough to take some damage but i always just use them as batteries for generating dice. I also found that 1-3 small units of horrors, as well as casting those extra spells means that your opponent is forced to split his atttention from one unit to another, whislt all the time your real damge dealers (Greater daemons etc) are calving a path in his troops.

    Blood letters... i would say that without a herald your best off without. i realy like the models but when it comes down to game play, stand alone its difficult for them to act as any more than fodder. should you go down another path and adopt skulltaker to your list i would say boost the unit to 15 and start letting him challenge characters all over the place but as it stands i would drop the BL all together, having 2 units of 10-12 horrors and 1 unit of 14+ daemonettes as core. maybe one or two units of furies to blanket kiros' advance.

    Definatly keep the hounds, they are very much worth every point.

    3 flamers is never enough. either one unit of 5+ or two units of 4+ working together.

    How many points is your force exactly and what exact comands do you have in each unit because after a quick tally from what i can see there is more that 2000pts at the minimum, but signifcantly less than 2250 at the maximum.

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