If you could get/choose anything for around a 2000point daemon army, what would you choose and why?

1 Herald of Tzeentch
WARD Save 4+. Level 2 Wiz. Master of Sorcery. Flmes of Tz
1 Changeling - horror
8 Horrors
1 Herald of Tzeentch
Master of Sorcery. Flmes of Tz
8 Horrors
Standard Bearer. Musician.
1 Blue Scribes
1 Skulltaker
1 Bloodreaper
13 Bloodletters
1 Pyrocaster
3 Flamers
1 Karanak
3 Flesh Hounds of Khorne

I like the Fateweaver, along with the Horrors, and Heralds cause you can cast low level but useful spells with them and make use of the blue scribes and get the other guy to use up all of his dispell dice on those. Then on the first magic phase use fateweaver to cast a fast movement spell on the bloodletters and that Beast Bear Spell on Skulltaker (They'll already have moved/marched to be closer to the enemy lines). I haven't fielded this army yet, only just completed it. Will be trying it out on Tuesday.

But again, what would you choose and why?