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    Ex-Tk New Daemon... here's the 2250 list...

    This is the list I am putting together as I acquire models over time...
    At least til my tomb kings sell then i will gather all my needs for this list plus a little modification buffer for those weird army list days...
    I didn't put the point value on the models I am not sure of...

    Lord Of Change
    Lvl 4 wizard
    Twin Heads

    Herald Of Tzeentch
    Master of Sorcery (i generally pick lore of shadows ^.^)
    Winged Horror

    Herald Of Khorne
    The D3 combat res banner
    Firestorm Blade
    Armor of Khorne

    Herald of Nurgle
    Noxious Vapors
    Slime Trail
    Lvl 1

    21 PLague Bearers
    w/ Command of Seeping Decay

    24 Bloodletters of Khorne
    w/ Command of Endless War

    19 Pink Horrors
    w/ SB + Icon of Sorcery

    7 Chaos Furies


    The Plaguebearer unit is meant to take hits and become my anvil unit drawing charges as it is one of the hardest units of mine to kill, whilst the horrors and Lord of Changes offensive magics rip into the enemys. The bloodletters are meant to stay a little back from the plaguebearer unit to gain a flank charge if something charges them, or to take a surprise charge during the magic phase from Teentch heralds lore of shadows ( unseen lurker ) and with the banner of endless war they canmake that magic phase charge even further(and if i manage to hae the first turn and they are set properly and i roll well on the endless war they could potentially charge first turn) thus being my hammer unit. the furies are generally the human shields for the herald of tzeentch and / or war machine hunters.
    this is the list at the time I plan on acquiring with some extra models of bloodletters, furies, and plague bearers for those awkward army days i think. any advice?

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    My Soon2B DoC list below...Wip thread in the works

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