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    2250 - current Khorne Daemons


    Thought I'd post up what I currently run in my Khorne Daemon list. Comments welcome. Note, this is designed for 'comp tourny' environment. Something different with no Heralds, lets me pump up for more Flesh Hounds

    L - Bloodthirster
    Dark Insanity, Armour of Khorne

    C - 24x Bloodletters
    Full command, Icon of Endless War

    C - 10x Bloodletters
    Standard, Muso

    C - 10x Bloodletters

    C - 8x Furies

    C - 8x Furies

    S - 8x Flesh Hounds

    S - 8x Flesh Hounds

    R - 4x Bloodcrushers

    R - 1x Bloodcrusher

    TOTAL - 2249

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    I never understood why people take dark insanity without immortal fury, or even dark insanity over immoirtal fury. dark insanity on average will give you 9 attacks, which is 2 extra then what he already has. Is there something im missing here?
    This is how I see it anyways..
    55 points for on average 9 attacks, landing 2/3 so 6
    25 points for 7 attacks + reroll which is landing 4 or 5, rerolling the 2 or 3, landing prolly both if two and 2 if 3, giving you 6 if not 7 which is all ur attacks to hit.

    Is this wrong? Or is this right and people just like trying to get lucky and roll high?
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