To go with my Khorne post, here is my Mixed daemon list. Note, this is designed for 'comp tourny' play, and that's what the role the Daemon Prince plays - he 'softens' up the list, so things like max Flamers don't look as bad...comments are welcome

L - Daemon Prince
Mark of Nurgle, level 2 wizard, winged horror, stream of bile, immortal fury

H - Herald of Khorne
Jugger, Armour of Khorne, BSB

H - Herald of Tzeentch

C - 20x Bloodletters
Full command

C - 20x Horrors
Full command

C - 12x Daemonettes

C - 8x Furies

S - 8x Flesh Hounds

R - 3x Fiends

R - 6x Flamers
Pyro Caster

TOTAL - 2250