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    2000 points Deamons for fun, (cheesy?)

    Hello I wanted to make a list that's just all around fun to play and it has all four gods in it. Does this list seem ok? maybe too crappy? or kinda cheesy?

    Keeper of Secrets - level 4
    Herald of Tzeench + power vortex (he will be joining the horrors)

    30x Horrors - Full CC + Icon of sorcery
    20x Bloodletters Full CC
    10X Plaguebearers
    7x Furies

    6x Hounds

    5x Flamers

    Over all it seems decently fast, Magic phase is solid a 12 PD and 7 DD. Little bit of shooting, and pretty par in hand to hand.
    What do you guys think?

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    Suggestions :- Split the horrors in 2 units of 10 remove the command and banner also the herald doesnt really need the power vortex, I'd go for flames of tzeentch or Master of Sorcery together with wings for a safe escape. Decrease the Bletters to 18 and increase the Plaguebearers to 20.

    Keeper of Secrets
    Level 4

    Herald of Tzeentch
    Master of Sorcery / Flames of tzeentch
    Winged Horror

    20 Plaguebearers (deployed 5*4)
    Full CC
    Icon of Eternal Virulence / Standard of Seeping Decay

    18 Bletters (deployed 6*3)
    Full CC
    Skull Totem

    10 Horrors

    10 Horrors

    6 Hounds

    5 Flamers

    OFC dont just change your list. Always try your lists by proxying models so that you don't buy models and leave them there

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