We play without special characters.

Keeper of secrets/level 4 wizard/enrapturing gaze/siren song/allure of slaanesh/torment blade. 650
Herald of slaanesh/level 1 wizard/enrpturing gaze/allure of slaanesh/chariot of slaanesh/battle standard bearer/great icon of despair. 365
Herald of nurgle/level 1 wizard/stream of bile 190
Herald of tzeentch/spell breaker/master of sorcery 165
21 Plague bearers of nurgle + full command 282
10 Pink horrors of slaanesh 120
10 Pink horrors of slaanesh 120
3 flamers of tzeentch 105

total 1997

Vampire counts have very low leadership, and if I take enrapturing gaze then they won't be able to use their lord's high leadership.

Will it be OK?
or there are things I should change?