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    2000pts Daemons of Chaos

    Having fixated on my other armies and collecting my Beastmen army I decided to dust off my Daemons of Chaos army. Decided on something a little different for friendly games. The plan is that the daemon prince will go character hunting (which with 7 strength 5 attacks at WS8 he should be pretty good at) whilst the Bloodletters, Herald and Bloodcrushers surge forward to kill the enemy up close and personal. The Heralds of Tzeench will join the horrors and blast the enemy with magic whilst the furies will march block and harass war machine crews and firepower units.
    The army overall generates 11 power dice and 7 dispel dice so should be pretty good at dishing out the magic.

    Daemon Prince- Many Armed Monstrosity, Winged Horror, Level 2 Spellcaster. 460

    Herald of Khorne- Battle Standard Bearer, Firestorm blade, Armour of Khorne, Banner of Unholy Victory, Juggernaut. 265

    Herald of Tzeench- Handweapon, Power Vortex. 145

    Herald of Tzeench- Handweapon, Master of Sorcery. 140

    18 Bloodletters of Khorne- Hellblades, Full command, Icon of Endless War. 271

    18 Bloodletters of Khorne- Hellblades, Full command, Icon of Endless War. 271

    10 Horrors of Tzeench- Handweapons. 120

    10 Horrors of Tzeench- Handweapons. 120

    5 Furies of Chaos- 60

    2 Bloodcrushers of Khorne- Hellblades. 140

    I've also given some consideration as to how well they will perform in the next edition especially with the rumoured character points cap (25% on Lords and 25% on Heroes) and the changes to the magic phase.



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