Thinking of picking up the following, though not sure what to do for a Herald...will have to look into some converting fun to make a rather large bloodletter, or just a take skulltaker and put a banner in his hands...

Any who, I believe I have all my bases covered, switching up from dark elves to Daemons (I promise I'm not a cheese player... they are honestly the only two armies to I like.) I've considered taking a herald of tzeentch instead, but was fearful of loosing the CC punch and the nifty banner.

Anywho, thoughts on a first time Daemon list?

Herald of Khorne
-Firestorm Blade
-Armor of Khorne
-Icon of Despair

Blood Letters x 20
-Icon of Endless War

Pink Horrors x 20
-Icon of Sorcery

Flamers of Tzeentch x 5

As a side note, I will definitely be adding in slaanesh in higher point values, still not sold on nurgle though..