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    1500 pts daemon mix

    Blue Scribes
    Herald of Tzeentch - MoS, BSB
    Masque of Slaanesh

    Bloodletters - x30 full cmd, icon of endless war
    Furies - x5
    Daemonettes - x10 full cmd, siren standard

    Flesh Hounds - x5
    Nurglings - x3

    Flamers - x6 w/ pyrocaster

    the plan is using the bloodletters as the main unit, with the furies providing screen for the daemonettes to charge shooters. Using the nurglings to harass the flanks and flesh hounds to pick on the war machines.

    Any thoughts or suggestions?
    btw this isn't a tourney list or anything, just a fun but still stay solid list...

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    Don't the Siren Standard remove stand & shoot as a charge reaction? So the Furies would be more useful as a screen for the Bloodletters.

    I was also thinking about using Furies as a screen, but you'd have to get them out of the way the turn before you wanted to declare a charge, unless you were also able to declare a charge with the Furies that took them out of the way of the troops you really wanted to charge. I can just see them getting in the way, unless you were very careful about movement. Great in theory and worth a try - I'm certainly going to give it a go next time I'm playing against a shooty army since I've got some Furies I've never used before, but I'm not expecting great things out of them.

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