On a personal note I don't like taking any GD in an army list below 2500 pts. Where I play at, usually don't allow characters in tournaments but this time it seems they are keeping it quite normal.

I'm pretty sure I will be meeting some tough games especially against HE and O&G or Skaven horde armies, so I managed to come up with something like this:

Heroes: (~24%)
HoK: Armour of Khorne + Daemonic Robes (BSB: Despair)
HoT: MoS + Spellbreaker
Blue Scribes

Core: (~45%)
23 x Bloodletters Full Command w/ Icon of Endless War
38 X Horrors Full Command w/ Changeling & Icon of Sorcery

Special: (~9%)
5 x Flesh Hounds

Rare: (~22%)
6 x Flamers
2 x Fiends of Slaanesh
2 x Fiends of Slaanesh

I made up this list with the following in mind:
* Taking Lore of Life on the HoT with MoS
* Using Blue Scribes for some extra PD and some randomness
* Flamers to cause havoc from the start
* Flesh Hounds and probably one unit of Fiends to help out Bloodletters from the flanks
* Fiends to hunt for Warmachines and the such

I was thinking of trying to go on a sturdy solid setup more than on a full out offensive setup, especially since most of the time I don't have much luck with the dice rolls.

I was hoping maybe someone could help me improve it a little. One thing I wasn't fully sure about was to put 2 units of Fiends. Any help would be great.