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    3200pts, First try at a daemons list!

    Hello to all fellow children of Chaos!

    well, I'm getting insanely bored of my VC's as of late, since there's no real variety in the list, and as I'm working a daemon contingent for 40k, I figured I'd try out a fantasy list too!

    The Great Host of the Endless Fates:
    Tzaphak’naah Doomscribe, The Feathered Loreweaver, Tzeentch’s Fatechanger. Daemon Prince w/Mark of Tzeentch, Master of Sorcery – Lore of Metal, Daemonic Robes, Winged Horror.
    Level 2 Wizard.
    Cost; 490 pts

    Leth Shyish-ek Ra’nubyss, The Deathbringer, Doomlord. Herald of Khorne w/Hellblade, Daemonic Robes, Armour of Khorne, Chariot of Khorne.
    Battle Standard Bearer w/Great Standard of Sundering.
    Cost; 290 pts

    Neth’ghyran Est’hark, The Great Reborn One, Lifebreather. Herald of Tzeentch w/Daemonic Robes, Master of Sorcery – Lore of Life.
    Level 2 Wizard.
    Cost; 160 pts

    P’tarix & Xirat’p, The Blue Scribes of Tzeentch.
    Cost; xxx pts

    Core Units:
    The Cackling Legion; 42 Pink Horrors of Tzeentch w/Flailing tentacles (Hand weapon).
    The Changeling.
    Standard Bearer w/Banner of Change.
    Cost; 607 pts

    The Ebonite Goreblades; 16 Bloodletters of Khorne w/Hellblade.
    Cost; 210 pts

    The Black Soulcleavers; 16 Bloodletters of Khorne w/Hellblade.
    Cost; 210 pts

    The Shadow-host of Bitter Malice; 6 Chaos Furies w/Teeth & claws.
    Cost; xxx pts

    Special Units:
    The Unholy Hunters; 8 Flesh Hounds of Khorne w/Teeth & claws (Hand weapon), Collar of Khorne.
    Cost; xxx pts

    Rare Units:
    The Bloodied Skullreapers; 8 Bloodcrushers of Khorne w/Hellblade, Juggernaut of Khorne.
    Cost; 590 pts

    The Burning Legion; 6 Flamers of Tzeentch w/Flailing Tenticles (Hand weapon), Flames of Tzeentch.
    Cost; xxx pts

    my basic plan is to have the HoT & scribes join the giant unit of pinkies. the changeling can protect my other heroes from harm by swaping out stats, while the herald uses his life magic to help buff his unit & the bloodletters guarding their flanks...
    the scribes will typically roll of a random life spell when i need the extra healing too.

    the flamers & hounds shoot up one flank, while the crushers assault the other flank.

    the daemon prince hangs about buffing the main line and/or venturing out to provide some added muscle/buffs where needed.
    i know that princes aren't the greatest choice for lords, but they're cheaper & I love the story they evoke! i went for lore of metal since i can cast glittering robes on the 'letters and enchanted blades on the tzeentch units, plus there's some solid hexes with metal magic too!

    thanks for the input,

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    If you're not looking for a list that's built to be particularly good, then this one is fine. It's not going to perform well against well-constructed competitive lists, but it seems like a perfectly reasonable casual list.

    If you are looking to make it a little stronger, drop the Daemon Prince--490 points for that DP is much, much worse than a level 2 Lord of Change in virtually every way. If you really want a caster lord, take Fateweaver. If you want some sort of hybrid, shell out for the Lord of Change. Master of Sorcery, Power Vortex, and Spell Destroyer should be at the top of your list of Gifts, and you might spend points on making him level 3 or 4, but it's not really critical. If you're looking to make him cheap, the level 2 with MoS and Vortex comes in at 505 (only marginally more expensive than your prince) and is a much, much stronger caster (with an extra power die and Loremaster) as well as basically being better in combat (lower WS and I, but better S and T).

    Daemonic Robes are not a very good buy on anyone. They're not cheap, and they don't do much. Great Standard of Sundering is worthwhile, but, frankly, that Herald should be with some Bloodletters to give them Hatred.

    Flamers, Fleshhounds, and Bloodcrushers are all fine, but that block of Bloodcrushers is really to big to be worth it. Three or four is generally about right. Adding that second rank just doesn't gain you nearly enough to be worth it.

    16 is a wierd number of models for those bloodletter units, and they should really have standards. I would honestly suggest combining them into a block of 32, so you can take advantage of the Horde rule--three ranks of bloodletter swings is a pretty solid set. Add another 8 to bring that fourth rank to full (and keep it at a multiple of eight ), throw the herald in there, and that's a pretty good unit. As is, your herald and bloodletters are a little too piecemeal to be as good as they ought to be.
    Once again, the conservative, sandwich-heavy portfolio pays off for the hungry investor!

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    I like your varity you have here, trying out things that i havent seen before. I give you props for that. Im getting sick of people just posting the normal tzeentch/khorne lists (really hate the fateweaver ones too).

    I love that your trying out a daemon prince but i would take off the daemonic robes because they really only affect cannonballs and stonethrowers that are going to hit you. Even then you have a 5+ ward and life magic to help him survive and heal.

    Same thing with the herald of tzeentch...robes off. Give him spell breaker instead

    As for the Herald of Khorne definitely drop his chariot because he is going to be picked out.

    So if you drop the khorne herald's chariot, 3 pink horrors, a fury, and all the bloodcrushers then you have 713 points left over.
    What i would do is bump BOTH units of bloodletters to 32 and add standards to them (408 points)
    Add another unit of furies (60 points)
    Herald of Khorne w/ armor of khorne, firestrom blade (140 points)
    Add in 3 more flamers and split them up into two units of 4 and 5 (105 points)

    I kind of changed the list to a "normal" tzeentch/khorne hybrid just with your own favor to it. The one thing that bothered me the most was the bloodcrushers. If you like them maybe drop 4 of them and run them 2x2, so its a small but yet still packs a punch

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