I have a daemons of chaos army that i have a 5-4-3 record with. I think its pretty good for a good theme and a none-cheesy list. I would just like some feedback on what you would change and your opinion what you think of this list.

Massacre: Dwarfs, Bretonnian
Win: Warriors of Chaos, Orcs, Vamps
Draw: Vamps, Warriors of Chaos, Minotaur horde army
Loss: Vamps, Beastmen, and Warriors
Got Raped: Skaven

Some of these were the same player just tweaking their list for an upcoming tournament.

2250 Point List

Keeper of Hoes w/ spirit swallower = 550
Herald of Slaanesh w/ allure of slannesh, enrapuring gaze = 140*2
Herald of Tzeentch w/ spell breaker, master of sorcery = 165 (Shadow)
Masque = 90

24 Daemonettes w/ full command = 318*2
30 Bloodletters w/ full command, banner of endless war = 415

Fiend = 55*2

So far ive learned that i have a very mobile force that can set up some nasty flank and rear charges. I can lower lots of stats down, But my main 3 blocks are usually get owned by any of the elite forces that my enemy has, unless i buff them. Thats why i was thinking about picking up the ecstasy banner for my daemonettes so they can last a lot longer.