We have a new campaign starting where you are a new General just starting out on your campaign to rule the world. To start the points are capped at 750 with more being "won" for each battle participated in. The only rules are that we have complete freedom regarding the General, no 25% cap and no limit on points spent on upgrades and that suring the 750 point phase there is no minimum three unit rule.

People are going one of two obvious ways; tooled up charcter and minimum core or low end character (he can be upgraded later) and as many units as possible.

I am new to fantasy and have started a Daemons army for this campaign, I have two basic starting lists but can not choose between them, the campaign starts next week so I would be very appreciative of any input you many have on either list.

List 1

LoC - Dark Magister, Warrior Base (staff)

10x Bloodletters - full command

3 x Flamers - Pyrocaster

List 2

Daemon Prince - Unatural Swiftness, Winged Horror

10 x Bloodletters - full command

10 x Pink Horrors - full command

3 x Flamers

Thanks in advance