Hey guys I've just started daemons of chaos and from the posts I've read there's a lot of experience players on here. I've got a 1500pts list based on a battalion with a few extras to bring the points up. Let me know what you guys think:

Deamon Prince - wings, soul hunger, unnatural swiftness

Herald of Tzeentch - flames of Tzeentch, Spell breaker

20 bloodletters

20 deamonettes

10 horrors

5 seekers of slaanesh

Beast of nurgle

The idea is that the deamon prince and the seekers will use their speed to take out important targets and flank charge with the bloodletters and the deamonettes while the horrors and the herald provide magical support and blast away flankers.

To take it up to 2000pts im going to add 3 blood crushers and a herald of slaanesh and make the deamon prince a level 2 sorcerer to slaanesh as I want to focus around that lore. Alternately I could forgo the wizard levels on the deamon prince and make the herald a battle standard bearer with the sundering standard

What do you think?