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    Kick ass Daemons

    Looked up the Daemons of chaos army book and found it a very interesting army, so I decided to try and make a 1,500 point army list that will hopefully be competitive. Would just like some opinions and perhaps advice on the list before I start buying all the wrong models.

    Heroes (22%)
    Herald of Tzeentch: Spell breaker, Master of sorcery, Lore of life (General) - 165 points

    Herald of Khorne: Armour of Khorne, Firestorm sword (BS - 165 points

    Core (33,3%)
    38x Bloodletters, musician, standard bearer and charge banner - 499 points

    Special (23,3%)
    5x Flesh hounds . xxx points

    5x Flesh hounds - xxx points

    Rare (21,3%)
    6x Flamers - xxx points

    Fiend - xxx points

    Fiend - xxx points

    Total: 1499 points

    basic tactics and deployment:
    Fiends are chaff of my army (redirection, war machine hunting, catching fleeing units, etc). Flesh hounds on each flank and bloodletters in horde formation with bsb in the centre. General will stay near flamers for Look out sir rolls and is mainly there to buff bloodletters and for magic defence (dwellers is nice in tight situations). I hope to get some early charges off with bloodletter's special icon and flesh hound's high movement speed. With lore of life buffs on them I hope that the bloodletters will grind anything down the face and flesh hounds take on weaker opponents or perhaps help flanking. Not sure which lore to pick but I figure flesh to stone and regrowth on bloodletters is awesome + you rarely go wrong with dwellers.

    Comments and suggestions most welcome

    Thank you!

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    I'm not a big fan of the fiends but I run a similar list. I usually run 2 units of 30 BL in horde formation if the table is favorable. I like using 2 units of 10 horrors to throw some magic missiles at my opponents. If you fighting elves or other T3 units screamers rock too. Once your up to 2k throw in some jugs and watch your daemons rock it.

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