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    1350 friendly - have been pwned a lot


    I've just started collecting daemons. I've been pwned a lot. Now I'm mostly playing such an army list:
    Aharai 1350 Pts - Daemons of Chaos Army

    1 Herald of Khorne @ 190.0 Pts
    Armour of Khorne [15.0]
    Firestorm Blade [25.0]

    1 Juggernaut @ [0.0] Pts

    19 Bloodletters of Khorne @ 295.0 Pts
    Standard; Musician
    Icon of Endless War [25.0]

    1 Bloodreaper @ [12.0] Pts

    5 Flesh Hounds of Khorne @ 175.0 Pts

    5 Flamers of Tzeench @ 225.0 Pts

    1 Pyrocaster @ [15.0] Pts

    9 Pink Horrors of Tzeentch @ 175.0 Pts
    Standard; Musician
    #A: 5 or less [0.0]
    #B: 6 - 15 : Level 1 [0.0]
    #C: 16 - 25 : Level 2 [0.0]
    #D: 26 - 35 : Level 3 [0.0]
    #E: 36+ : Level 4 [0.0]
    Banner of Change [25.0]

    1 Iridescent Horror @ [12.0] Pts

    9 Daemonettes of Slaanesh @ 150.0 Pts
    Standard; Musician

    1 Alluress @ [12.0] Pts

    1 Herald of Tzeentch @ 140.0 Pts
    Magic Level 2
    Master of Sorcery [25.0] Lore of Tzeentch

    Models in Army: 53

    Total Army Cost: 1350.0We don't use special characters and use Euro draft #3 limitations. For chaos daemons:
    Max. 30 Models per unit; All daemonic gifts are 0-1. Daemonic Battle Standard can have gifts if his magic banner does not cost over 50pts. Siren song cannot be taken by Herald of Slaanesh. Max 6 flamers in the army. MOS: If taken by herald it gives you 'loremaster: Lore of Tzeentch' or the ability to randomly determine spells(as a normal lvl 2) from any of the 8 rulebook lores.
    I see that I need to use bigger units (shame they are so points-expensive). I enjoy using warhounds and a herald with 0+ AS is a nice thing, but still my daemons are being wiped by all the hordes opponents are using (even if I attack, the opponent still wins in CR). We play on 48'x48' tables with quite a few terrain items.

    I would love to make my army effective. I own some more miniatures then those in army list, but hadn't chosen them (15 plaguebeares, nurgle herald on palankin, 2 more bloodcrushers, 10 furies, 5 seekers and a great unclean one, which is too expensive for this army list).

    I would be extremely grateful for advices from Chaos Daemons players. Thanks in advance!

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    k, first off, never post individual costs for anything. State total costs and what the unit got. Rules about copyright stuff that interferes and ya, just don't do it.

    Hoards have always been the hardest army for me to play against because of, like you said, combat res. Daemonettes have always been the best unit that i used due to their increased attack. Lore of light last spell gives ASF and extra attack, it helps.

    Now, the list. I don't really like the juaggernaut for a regular herald in bloodletters. They displace 3 more attacks and makes your herald a larger target. A personal choice, but i say at least try a game without one and see how it works. Drop the horrors and daemonettes, or make the daemonettes larger. Horrors shouldn't be taken in less than 2000 points because you need the extra combat. 10 core daemons will never work. Lose 1 model and they don't help as flanker, and the combat res will kill them. A unit of19 with herald or 20 without is ideal for them to not be a free points grab. Swap horrors for daemonettes. If you choose to drop the juaggernaut, give flames to the herald and either way stick him with the flamers. Marching and shooting 6D6 shots is nice, excpecally against smaller units before they are charged.

    I suggest the lore of light. You see me suggesting it whenever i reply, but it is probably one of the best lore of daemons(ironic right?). It is well balanced between damage and augment, and the augment spells can turn core units into killing machines. Daemonettes with WS10, I10, ASF and 3 attacks each is pretty scary, and thats only 2 spells on them.

    Well, good luck.

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    My advice, stop playing any where that uses those restrictions. That should just be called we hate daemons, not only does it go against the large unit idea GW wants to move to, but it also basically makes a mono god list at 2k+ points impossible and even a multi god list will be adding things just cause they need to.

    Now with that being said you can still manage an ok force with the given restrictions at your point value.

    HoK = 190 points
    - BSB (sundering), armor of khorne, firestorm blade

    HoS = 150 points
    - Daemonic Robes, (upgrade that makes all attacking models roll Ld to attack her)

    23 Daemonettes = 306 points
    - Champion, Musician, Standard

    23 Bloodletters = 306 points
    - Champion, Musician, Standard
    (ok run both core block 6 wide by 4 deep with their heralds)

    5 Hounds = 175 points

    6 Flamers = 210 points

    This is a safe way to list points and units, also I am sorry for any minor mistakes as this is from memory. I know you might have to buy a few models for this list but I tried to keep it to ones that are cheaper. Personally I find bloodletters to always be better than daemonettes but as you are very restricted on gifts had little choice. Hope this helps you out, should give your units more punch and while you lack magic your defense for it should hold up.
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