Due to a lack of horror models available for order or the lack of competence of GW, I am in need of horror models. So far I have 8 or so actual horror models, and all but 2 or 3 look horrible--mostly due to my lack of painting skills. There is a Rogue Trader Tournament coming up at the end of this month and I would very much like to participate. Therefore, I need models, and I need to have them painted. It is in this light that I have decided to buy Dryads and convert them into horrors. One way or another it fits with the fluff. Either this group of horrors decided to take on the appearance of Dryads or a group of Dryads were corrupted by some Horrors. Take your pick.

Anyway, I've started putting the dryads together and I've realized that there are an abundance of extra bits that aren't neccessary to make the 12 dryads that are advertized on the box, so I'm thinking I can use those to somehow make them more Daemonic looking, and I've had some success so far.

So in that light, does anyone have some suggestions on what to do with these models?