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    Ever-Changing Desire

    Shamelessly copied from the 40k Daemons section.

    While ==My== Skaven get painted and Dark Elves suffer from a crippling lack of models, I find ==Myself== turning to Daemons again. ==My== overall plan for the army is to have a shared force between ==Me== and ==My== brother as we both adore the army. How to approach this always remained a problem. Initially we opted for a mix of Khorne and Tzeentch, our favorite gods, but that left half the army out and that didn't seem right.

    So, we've revisited what we liked best about the army and fluff and decided on building two seperate armies with the intention of being completely standalone with mixing opportunities down the road.

    He, being a bit overt in motivation and execution, went for a Khorne and Nurgle tag team, leaving ==Me== with the Prince of Pleasure and Architect of Fate. I've always preferred Tzeentch and Slaanesh for their subtleties and downright terrifying nature so I guess I'm sticking with them for the time being.

    Off the bat, Tzeentch and Slaanesh units don't look all that durable or killy, rather being speedy, tricksy, and shooty. As of now I am thinking of running a pair of Heralds, big block of 'nettes, small block of Horrors, Furies, Seekers, and Flamers for 1000 point games. Later I want to incorporate a GD, Fiends, Screamers, and more Core to bulk out the army. I know all about the Slaaneshi mindrape army and Tzeentch flying circus, but I still want people to play against so I'm going to try and steer clear of going completely off the deep end in terms of raw uber power (maybe for tourneys).

    How would a Slaanesh/Tzeentch army work? Could it work? Which units would you include to make a successful army?

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    It would work exceptionaly well. May I suggest my 2000 pt Slaanesh/Khorne/Tzeentch army list in the list subsection? I am aware that you are starting small and without Khorne, but Slaanesh is quite prevalent in my list. Especially noteworthy is the Keeper of Secrets. You can tool him up so that the enemy has to take tests to even be able to attack him, and you can strip the enemy units of their general's leadership boost. As for fighting capabilities, this beast is second only to Bloodthirster, but unlike him, the Keeper is actually quite a capable wizard on its own.

    Basically, at higher points levels with a greater daemon, you are definitely looking at the Keeper. You need a unit that can take on tougher targets, at least until you hit the flanks and rears of them. Since you don't have access to Khorne and Nurgle, the special and rare slots are open to you with only one entry for each god, which makes it simpler. Personally, I would beef up on those slots, as these are where your strengths will lie.

    What I particularly like (and plan to run myself) is the exceptionally annoying squadron of Tzeentch's Sharks. Two units at 6 sharks each will tear enemy units to pieces just by flying over them, hitting multiple units at once before retreating to a safe haven. Throw in a unit of Seekers to prevent faster units from reaching your landing sharks, and you've got your bases covered. Then throw in TWO units of Flamers, each at 6. What little remains of the enemy army after these guys do their job will be cleaned up by the core.

    Then you fill your core. Definitely beef up on Horrors, you want all that extra power and dispel dice. Making two 10 man units will give you access to more dice, but will limit you to only 1 spell, while a single unit of 20 with a Herald stuck in will give both the unit and the Herald good protection (which can be further augmented by suitable upgrades) and access to a more annoying spell, though you will have to risk it and get close to the enemy. Then the rest with Daemonettes - a solid block of 20 is the rigth choice. Possibly get two of these to make for the lack of hardhitters in your list.

    Well that's my take on a Slaanesh/Tzeentch army, and it's definitely something I am willing to try out, though for now, I enjoy throwing a third god into the list to make it more flexible.

    On last thing - don't forget about Spellbreaker. Unless you're up against Tzeentch, this thing is very handy, and can effectively shut down enemy magic phase.

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