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    Question about core choices

    I just bought my first 'real' daemon models, a box of 10 Daemonettes. Been proxying for the while time until now.

    I'm starting to build up my 1000 point army.

    How should I run Daemonettes in a game of this size? I'm not planning on going full Slaanesh though. Maybe 2 units of 10 or 3 units? One tarpit with siren song and ecstasy in it, say, 17 strong? Hit me with ideas.

    I'd also like to know which core choices do the Daemonettes compliment best, or, if I use them as the tarpit, what unit should I back it up with?

    I thought about the Slaaneshi tarpit and 10 flanking Bloodletters to act as my core units, or a bigger unit of Bloodletters with 10-12 flanking Daemonettes. Which do you think would fare better?

    Or perhaps the Slaaneshi tarpit backed up by Hounds and a unit of Horrors providing dice for my 2 Tzeralds. As you already know the possibilities are almost limitless.

    My style of play is the 'envelop' ; You first lure the enemy into the center, then envelop the other army. Maybe this will help you to help me to (heh) build my army.

    Let's say we're starting out with 10 Daemonettes and the Winged Master of Sorcery. Hit me with ideas and I'll start to form the bulk from there.

    It's a long post I know but any help would be so appreciated,


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    Daemonettes are speedy and put out lots of attacks, but they're very soft and tend to bounce off of all but the lightest infantry.

    ==My== preferred use is with the Banner of Ecstasy as the one-time anvil. They're faster than PBs, don't require a Herald, and can still do some damage. Hit the flank with dogs or crushers.

    Since they're faster, Daemonettes do flanking better. They are soft though, so beware of giving your enemy free CR by killing them.

    A unit with a Sherald holding an Etherblade can surprise armored units or if you go for MAM or the torment blade you can tear up High Elves and a lot of other ASF troops.
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