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    The Character Builds Thread

    I'm making this thread as I think it would be interesting to see everyones character set up for the normal sized game of 2000-2250 points and the reason why they take each character.

    Is there any characters you only use for fun games or ones you will only bring out for tournaments? Do you go for all Heralds or are you a Greater Daemon fan? Special characters, we know they're good in this book but do you regularly take them and why/why not? Do you take the max you can or do you get by with minimum characters? Do you play the Daemon Prince, it may have been labeled trash but have you had any success with ignoring general consensus?

    I'll start off with what I've gone for. I go for a 4 herald approach as I think they give you more diversity, it's not that they're stronger or weaker than taking a big guy it's just that when taking a Greater Daemon I feel your army becomes a bit one dimensional focusing on making the Daemon work its best to make up for the huge investment of points. I don't take special characters as I simply don't like the idea of them, the only time I have taken a special character in my warhammer career is Mannfred in the Storm of Chaos Sylvannian list because it was characterful.

    The Heralds I take are:

    2 Tzeentch Heralds on Chariots with Master of Sorcery. I take these to add some magic to my list and because I think US5 flying chariots are very nice despite being only S4 and fragile. They are perfect for rank breaking, taking out warmachines and small units of skirmishers or fast cav, that and I am a fan of flying spell casters.

    Khorne Herald on Jugger with Armour of Khorne and Firestorm Blade. This guy is pretty standard for a lot of people, he can fight like a lord of other races, is tough and eats chariots for breakfast. I take him because he adds some decent combat ability which apart from Flesh Hounds is lacking in my army so he plays a very important role.

    Nurgle Herald BSB on Palanquin with Staff of Nurgle and Standard of Sundering. I take him to make Plaguebearers the anvil unit people fear and with the standard he helps stop magic which is nice as Daemons are very susceptible to ranged damage so I can minimize the damage spells. Other than that he is just damn tough which is a great attribute for a BSB.


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    OK, there's two lists I tend to run:

    Mono Khorne:

    BT with Dark Insanity, Immortal Fury, Collar of Khorne.
    Super killy, and in an army with 2 Dispel Dice, magic res helps.

    2x Heralds of Khorne, Jugger, Armour of Khorne, one has a BSB
    Makes whatever they join stronger. I stick them where needed, either with Crushers, Bloodletters or Flesh Hounds. If the enemy has lots of magic, they tend to go with Flesh Hounds.

    Mixed List:

    Daemon Prince, Mark of Nurgle, Immortal Fury, Winged Horror, Stream of Corruption, Level 2 Wizard

    This Guy originally found his way into my list due to comp reasons at tournament level. I've grown fond of him since, tweaking him to this setup. Not quite as killy as the BT, but has ranged and magical ability, and also isn't large. Also cheaper....slightly

    Herald of Tzeentch - Naked
    Magic dice and flickering fire is what this guy does, while also boosting the Horrors Ward save. Its amazing what this guy with Horrors can hold up (things Like Dragon Ogres) so the Muso always helps!

    Herald of Khorne
    Jugger, Armour, BSB
    Goes inside 20 Bloodletters to form a large central block for me to work around.

    Well there you go

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    My normal set-up for Herald's is:

    -Khorne Herald on Jug with Armor of Khorne and Firestorm Blade. Sometimes I will make him BSB as well.

    -Tzeentch Herald w/ Wings and Master of Sorcery. So much flexibility in this character that I usually take two.

    -Nurgle Herald w/ Palanquin, Noxious Vapors, Slime Trail, Lev. 1, and BSB. This guy can live forever in a Plaguebearer unit.

    Those are my normal Heralds. I usually use them instead of GD as I like the effectiveness for the points better.

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