Hi All,

I'm a new Deamon Player and also I'm new in the Warhammer Fantasy Battle world.
Whole warhammer world, I know for at least 15 years.
As I'm a BIG fan of The Blood God, I have an army only with his deamons.
What I'll be facing at the beggining are strong armies of my two expirienced friends:
1) Dwarfs (with about 30 thunderers, 2 cannons, grudge thrower, organ gun, flame thrower, gyro, anvil of doom, special guy on the throne and for sure a big block with 1-3 characters of Ironbreakres)
2) O&G with huuuuge ammount of possibilities, but I know that this guy plays it 2 ways
a) only fight (and then for sure Grimgor with his "super guards")
b) full magic (4 characters with spells)

What I know (or I just think that I know) BSB of Sundering wont help me with any of this armies as its not tormal magic that they are using only runes and "Waaaaa".

Figures that I have:

Herald of Khorne on Juggernaut
2 Bloodcrushers (I wanted to put above Herald with them in one unit)
about 43 bloodletters with 4 command groups (2 of those bloodletters I want to konwert into heralds on foot - I dont have cash now to buy figures ob heralds on jugger's)
10 flesh hounds
7 furies

I know that it's not too much, but I'm just playing for fun, thats why I didnt buy for ex flamers. I want to go with pure Khorne army.

Please advice about hmmm anything that You can. My first battle will be in two weeks time with Dwarfs. I'm veeery affraid that they will just shoot me to death.
We'll be playing with 2000k points or more probably 2250 points limit.
With all possible gifts and banners I know that I can manage this point limit with my figures.

Thanks in advace for ANY help, ANY suggestions.. ANYthing

Blood for the Blood god!!! Skulls for the Skull Throne!!!

PS. Sorry for all mistakes, english is not my first language