So, I've been building an all-Khorne army, and I have been pleased at my ability to avoid metal miniatures while doing so. Bloodletters are plastic and can easily turn into Heralds of Khorne. Chaos Warhounds make great Fleshhounds (and I might even switch to Wargs from the LoTR-WoTR line). I currently do use one metal model--a Netherlord from Heresy Studios in place of a Bloodthirster (since the GW BT is pretty pathetic) but even that will soon be replaced by a Balrog.

So, everything will be plastic, and that's the way I like it. But, I think I'd like to have some Furies (Khorne is otherwise lacking in the skirmisher/flyer/fast cav department, and playing Seekers, Flamers, or Screamers somehow just doesn't seem right) and I just can't find any good looking plastic models to use for them.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.