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    Magic Heavy Tips Needed

    All my friends run lists with at least 7 dispel dice but I'm really interested in running a magic heavy DoC list that isn't too cheesy. I've come up with a Khorne/Tzeentch but it seems I went overboard with Khorne and ended up with only 9 power dice. I've heard lists going up to something like 13 or 14 power dice.

    My list is composed of a Bloodthirster, Flehshounds (2 small units), Flamers (1 unit), Pink Horrors (3 units of 10 ), Heralds of Tzeentch/Khorne (2 and 1, respectively), and Bloodletters (1 medium-sized unit).

    Am I doing something wrong?

    Edit: Number correction

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    Well, you've got to drop some Khorne units to get more magic. Many people would consider 9PD pretty magic heavy, though.

    I generally find Bloodletters to be fairly unimpressive performers - not because they're a bad unit, but because other units (usually Flesh Hounds) mess up the enemy before they get into combat. So, assuming the HoK is in that unit, dump them both and get a HoT and more horrors.

    That's anything up to 5 more PD if you can engineer it (with Horrors level 2 and HoT Power Vortex). I also hope you're trying to suck out dispel dice with single dice castings of Flickering Fire - Getting that off on 5 or 6 can sometimes provoke your opponent to use a couple of dice.

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    There are several other similar threads in the army lists section. Assuming you're playing the std. 2250.

    10 Horrors
    10 Horrors
    10 horrors
    HoT Master of Sorcery, flames of Tz
    HoT Master of Sorcery, Flames of Tz
    HoT Power Vortx
    LoChange Power Vortx lvl4
    2 units of Flamers w/ champs (you can put your Heralds here if you like)

    This is roughly 1350 which leaves plenty of room for khorne dogs and even a HoK if you want to switch one of the HoK out. This is 17PD to start, you can always build up the horror units as well to make them lvl2s and give them banners to pitch into the magic phase. There's the big nasty Bound Icon that you can put on a BSB as well.
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